The Donk Car Culture – What is a Donk Car ?

Donk Car – The 75 Donk Chevy Impala is the featured car in this article, as we explain donk cars, which is dubbed as the most hated car culture in the world. So what s a Donk car and what does the term mean?

If you are a fan of full sized General Motors car models that were very common back in 1971 – 1976, then chances are high that you are familiar with the term “donks” by now. For those who aren’t familiar with it here is a detailed look at the term “donks” and what it stands for. 
Over the past couple of years there has been a trend that has taken over the automotive industry. This trend basically sees people take their 70’s cruisers and fit them with lift kits and oversized rims. A cruiser or a “B-body”, as it’s referred to by some, that has been fitted with one or two of this elements are usually referred to as donks or donk cars.
One thing to note about donks is that different donks tend to have different heights this is mainly because different clients have different preference when it comes to how high or low they want their 70’s cruisers to be. In most cases, these 70’s cruisers can be lifted by at least two inches over the initial factory height. In some cases, which is increasingly becoming very common, clients may request that their cruisers be lifted an extra three feet up so as to create enough space for 32-inch rims to be fitted on their cruisers perfectly. 
It’s also good to note that there has been a huge debate on what cars qualify as donks. Many a times, people tend to call any car from the 80s or 70s that has been given a special lift and fitted with huge sized rims donks while in real sense they are not. Cars that qualify to be called donk cars are Chevrolet full-sized models that were built between 1971 and 1976. In fact, most of the authentic donks currently in the streets are Chevrolet cruisers build between the periods indicated. During the 1971–1976 period, Chevrolet designed cars with a similar model that had the same body but different price and trim levels. 

1975 Donk impala on 30 inch rims

1975 Impala Donk Ride rolling out on custom 30 inch big chrome rims

Where did the term “donk” come from?
There have been contradicting reports when it comes to where the term donk came from and what it actually symbolizes. Based on who you ask you are bound to get a number of meaning for the term donk. For instance, some claim that the term “donk” is a short form for the word DONKEY. The reason given for this explanation is that the animal that is usually depicted on authentic logos of Chevrolet Impala resembles, in some way, a donkey and thus the name donk. Others will tell you that the term donk was actually obtained from the slang “badonka-donk”. This slang is usually used when describing a Chevy’s large and downward rear end which is usually curved. This slang, “badonka-donk” has also been used to describe the rear end of cars such as Cadillac, Oldsmobile and the Buick. 
Other cars that can be given the special lift treatment
Other than Chevrolet models built between 1971 and 1976, there are certain car models that  have proven to be very popular among many in the Donk Car scene. Below is a list of those car models. 
• Chevrolet Caprice & Impala 1977 – 1990 “Box”: These cars tend to have a square-shaped design that makes the process of giving a big wheel treatment very simple. These types of cars that have received these treatments are usually referred to as “box”.
• Chevrolet Caprice & Impala SS 1991 – 1996 “Bubble”: Known to have been built on a large rear wheel drive platform, these cars had a round aerodynamic shape. These types of cars that have received these treatments are usually referred to as “bubbles”.
• Some mid-sized General Motors car models: Other car models that feature in the discussion of giving cars a lift treatment are some mid-sized General Motors car models including models made during the 1973 – 1977 period and 1978 – 1988 period. Some of these cars are, Chevrolet Malibus, Buick Regals, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supremes and Chevrolet Monte Carlos. 
• General Motors full-sized B-body Models 1971 – 1976: Considered as a stylish alternative to Chevys, these full sized B-body models are very popular for donking. Other than the Chevrolet models built between 1971 and 1976, these models have proven to be a fan favorite with many in the donking world. 

75 Donk Car, big rims

75 Donk Car, big rims


What you should know about Lift Kits 
There are two types of lift kits to consider when donking. That is the body lift kits and the suspension lift kits.
Body Lift Kits
Additional space that is usually between the bed of a car and the cab is usually referred to as a body lift. With a body lift, the car’s wheels and suspension usually remain at their original position. The only thing that moves is the body and this makes it possible for one to install oversized wheels without affecting handling and driving experience. In general, body lift kits tend to be very affordable compared to suspension lift kits. In addition to that they are easy to install. One drawback about body lift kits is that it limits the off-road ability of your car. 
Suspension Lift Kits 
As stated, suspension lift kits are expensive if compared to body lift kits and it is advised that you avoid them if possible. If you can afford them then well and good. Suspension lift kits are usually very common on 4*4s and trucks that compete in dirt rails. Suspension lift kits are known to offer as high as 18 inches of additional height to your truck or car depending on preferences. Suspension lift kits are very common and liked by off-road enthusiast because of the extra clearance it usually provides. 
Finding the right lift kit 
Finding the right lift kit for your donk car is not that hard all you have to consider is the model, year and make of the car you are working with. Another thing that you should consider is the size of the rims you plan on installing as it will have an impact on the clearance amount you will need. 

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