Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend! Just a peak at how thangs get poppin down in the 305. Big Baller cars everywhere, donks, bubbles, new skool, old skool tricked-out rides, even the italian exotic rides was a common site on the strip. Be sure to join our youtube channel and visit our sister site to she the Hot Dodge Chargers, pimped out Chevy Impala, and the new Chevy Camaro on 30″ rims!  Read More →

Donk Car in the video with Scarface is Hot! NC Bike Fest Piedmont Drag Strip, Greensboro North Carolina. If you anywhere near the area you don’t want to miss NC Bike Fest, I don’t even need to tell you why, look at the video!  Read More →

Bike Fest video of the hottest donks and tricked out rides from the NC Bike Fest. Piedmont Drag Strip was all the way live man! Donks everywhere, hot bikes, girls doing their thang on the stage.  Read More →

Too many hot rides to mention… I know they’re not all donk rides but the cars at this show were hot!  Most of that was shot at a car show down in Tallahassee that was well worth our trip.  There is a second video of pimped out cars with a few donk cars in it plus more to come.  Read More →

Pimped out cars from the Easter Sunday show off car show. I think its a toss up between the Hulk ride and the Regal rollin on what had to be 28’s or 30’s. The inside of that Buick Regal was sick. As always feel free to send any photos or video that you would like posted up on the site and stay tuned to the latest hip-hop car shows by visiting the home page of  Read More →

1975 Donk Ride Chevy Impala 1975 big boy Chevy Impala from Myrtle Beach S.C.  The pictures worth a thousand words. Really feeling those custom chrome rims with the purple too. You know how they do it down at Black Bike Week. If you can shut it down with somethin better, upload your pics of your donk ride with the upload button above and we will feature it here at  Read More →